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A WRITER’S JOURNEY— Musings, Obsessions and Rants from East of the L.A. River
Huaútli — banned by the Spanish Empire and the Catholic Church since 1519

Huaútli is the Aztec name for a plant so important to the people, it was banned by the invading Spanish Empire led by Hernán Cortez and the Catholic Church in 1519.

Today huaútli is most commonly known as amaranth, a super-food gaining worldwide recognition as a high-protein plant edible that…

From LITTLE BIRDS ~ vignettes on border crossings and emancipation

Written by María Elena Gaitán

Don’t look away ~ a story of compassion

On the walk to Laguna Park, my mother and I peek into the dance studio on Whittier Boulevard. The door is wide open. There’s music and the sound of tapping. …

María Elena Gaitán

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